Workhorse Remanufactured Transmissions

Certified Transmission welcomes you to our page with information about the remanufactured transmission offered for sale for the Workhorse P30, P42, and W42 Van and Motorhome vehicles. Certified Transmissions sells a 4L80E Workhorse remanufactured transmission that most in the automotive industry consider superior to any used or rebuilt 4L80E transmission you might buy or have installed at a transmission shop. We are able to shop the 4L80E anywhere in the country from any of our 25 distributor locations. Give us a call today.

Workhorse Transmission Locator

Certified Transmission offers the following resource for identifying the correct transmission for your Workhorse vehicle. Begin by choosing the Workhorse model listed below to find the correct remanufactured transmission for your Workhorse.
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