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Certified Transmission is pleased to welcome you to our website’s page with information about the remanufactured transmissions we sell for vehicles manufactured by Buick.

Our specialists take great pride in being recognized as the leading source for Buick replacement transmissions. Our remanufactured units are considered by many in the automotive industry to outperform any used or rebuilt Buick transmission you may buy online or have installed at a transmission shop. So no matter what model Buick you drive, from an Estate Wagon built in 1988 with a TH200-4R transmission, to a Buick LeSabre with a TH375 transmission, Certified has got you covered!

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Certified Transmission offers the following resource for identifying the correct transmission for your Buick vehicle. Begin by choosing the Buick model listed below to find the correct remanufactured transmission for your Buick.
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14 Retail Store Locations

Certified Transmission owns 14 full-service store locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Our stores are staffed with specialists dedicated to getting "The Job Done Right...At The Right Price".

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Coast to Coast Locations

Certified Transmission has partnered with leading automotive repair specialists located throughout the continental United States that sell and install our top-quality remanufactured transmissions.