01F 01J 01L 01M 01P 01V 02E 09A 09E 09G 09L 09M 125C 180C 2004R 200C 350C 375 400 40TE 40TES 413 42LE 42RLE 45RFE 470 48RE 4EAT 4F27E 4F50N 4L30E 4L60 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L80E 4L85E 4R100 4R44E 4R55E 4R70E 4R70W 4R75E 4T40E 4T45E 4T60 4T60E 4T65E 4T65E-AWD 4T80E 500 518 545RFE 5EAT 5F31J 5L40E 5L50E 5R110W 5R44E 5R55E 5R55N 5R55S 5R55W 604 618 62TE 65RFE 66RFE 670 68RFE 6F35 6F50 6F55 6L45 6L50 6L80 6L90 6R140 6R60 6R75 6R80 6T40 6T45 6T50 6T70 6T75 722.3 722.4 722.5 722.6 722.901 722.902 722.904 722.906 722.907 722.96 722.961 722.964 722.998 722.999 727 904 96 98 A131L A132L A140E A140L A141E A210 A240 A240E A240L A241E A241H A241L A242L A243L A244E A245E A246E A247E A340E A340F A340H A341E A343F A350E A42D A43D A43DE A440F A442F A44D A44DE A44DL A45DL A465 A46DE A46DF A4AF1 A4AF2 A4AF3 A4BF1 A4BF2 A4CF2 A4LD A540E A540H A541E A5GF1 A5HF1 A650E A6LF2 A6MF2 A750E A750F A760E A760F A760H A761E AB60E AB60F AF23-5 AF33-5 Allison-1000-5-Speed Allison-1000-6-Speed AOD AODE AS68RC AS69RC ATX Auto-4-Speed Auto-4-Speed-3-Shaft Auto-5-Speed Auto-5-Speed-4-Shaft Auto-6-Speed Auto-Inline-4-Speed AW30-40LE AW4 AW450-43LE AW50-40LE AW50-42LE AW55-50SN AW55-51SN AW60-41SN AW6040LE AW6A-EL AW6AX-EL AW71L AW81-40LE AWF21 AX4N AX4S AXOD AXODE BZHA C3 C5 C6 CD4E CFT30 CVT CVT HYBRID DPS6 E4N71B E4OD F3A F3A21-1 F3A21-2 F4A21-2 F4A22-1 F4A22-2 F4A23-2 F4A33-1 F4A41 F4A42 F4A4B F4A51 F4A5A F4AEL F4EAT F5A51 F5A5A FN4A-EL FNR5 FS5A-EL G4AEL G4AFEL G4AHL GA6HP19Z GACVT16Z JF011E JF403E JF506E JR403E KM171-1 KM171-2 KM171-5 KM172-0 KM172-5 KM175-1 KM175-5 KM175-6 KM176-5 KM177 KM177-8 L3N71B L4N71B LJ4AEL N4AEL N4AHL R4A51 R4AXEL RE0F01H RE0F08A RE0F08B RE0F09A RE0F09B RE0F10A RE0F10D RE0F11A RE4F02A RE4F02V RE4F03 RE4F03A RE4F03B RE4F03V RE4F04A RE4F04B RE4F04V RE4R01A RE4R03A RE5F22A RE5R05A RL3F01A RL4F02A RL4F03 RL4F03A RL4F03V RL4R01A SPSA TAAT TF-80SC U140E U140F U150E U151E U151F U240E U241E U250E U340E U341E U341F U660E U660F U760E U760F V4A51 V5A51 VT25E W4A32-1 W4A33-1 W4A42 W4A4B W4A51 W4A5A W5A51 ZF4HP16 ZF4HP18 ZF4HP22 ZF4HP24 ZF5HP19 ZF5HP24 ZF5HP30 ZF6HP26 ZF6HP28 ZF8HP70
Remanufactured Automotive Transmissions

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Did you know that 66% of transmission problems do not require a new transmission? Certified Transmission offers the Certi-Care Evaluation to help diagnose even the most complicated problems for customers' vehicles.

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