Volvo Remanufactured Transmissions

Whether you need a remanufactured transmission for a Volvo 850 or C70 FWD, V90, V70, S60, or XC70, or any other model of Volvo you may own, you can bet Certified Transmission has it in inventory and ready to deliver it anywhere in the United States! Certified Transmission offers a large supply of Volvo transmissions for sale, including but AW50, AW55, 4T65E, and A341E transmissions. Our replacement Volvo transmissions are are not rebuilt, but rather remanufactured using top-quality OEM parts from the best brand name Volvo auto parts suppliers. Call Certified Transmission today for a price.

Volvo Transmission Locator

Certified Transmission offers the following resource for identifying the correct transmission for your Volvo vehicle. Begin by choosing the Volvo model listed below to find the correct remanufactured transmission for your Volvo.
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