Certified Transmission sells 48RE Remanufactured Transmissions that are built with OEM Dodge parts

48RE Transmission

Peter Fink is the owner of Certified Transmission

48RE Remanufactured Transmissions

Rebuilt 48RE Automatic Transmission
The 48RE transmission is an automatic 4-speed transmission with an electronic governor and is equipped with a torque converter with a lock-up clutch inside. Gear ranges 1-3 are provided by the bands, clutches, overrunning clutch, and planetary gear sets in the transmission. The overdrive unit that contains the overdrive clutch, direct clutch, planetary gear set, and overrunning clutch provide the fourth gear range. The 48RE transmission has a front, rear, and direct clutch that functions as the input driving components. The holding and driving components work together in selecting the required planetary gear parts, in the rear, front, and planetary gear set, and transfer the power from the engine through the input shaft to the output shaft. The valve body of the 48RE transmission is mounted to the underside of the unit and includes the valves that regulate fluid flow control, pressure regulation, and band/clutch applications. The oil pump is located on the front of the 48RE transmission, being driven by the torque converter hub. The oil pump is used to supply the oil pressure necessary to the actuation of the band/clutch as well as transmission lubrication.