Certified Transmission sells 413 Remanufactured Transmissions built with OEM parts from Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth auto manufacturers

413 Transmission

Peter Fink is the owner of Certified Transmission

413 Remanufactured Transmissions

Rebuilt 413 Automatic Transmission

Originally manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation, the 413 automatic transmission was installed in vehicles throughout Chrysler models, to include the LeBaron, Dodge Charger, Caravan, New Yorker, Omni, Shadow, Plymouth Horizon, Voyager, and Acclaim. The 413 transmission was a redesign by Chrysler from the original A404 front wheel drive and 904 medium duty transmission models. Having been introduced in 1982, the 413 remained in production by Chrysler until the 2001 model year. Being a basic three speed transmission, it was unusual for the model to last as long as it did, being that near the turn of the century most of Chrysler's competition had converted over to 4-speed overdrive transmission models.

The primary reason for failure of the 413 transmission can be cited as the lack of maintenance by the owner of the vehicle. Ideally, and despite Chrysler's recommendation that there can be a long mileage interval between transmission services, the 413 transmission is best serviced every 25,000 miles for optimal performance.