Certified Transmission offers Hyundai Remanufactured New Transmissions for sale built with OEM parts

Hyundai Transmissions

Peter Fink Certified Transmission

Welcome to the Certified Transmission page of our website with information about the various remanufactured transmissions we offer for owners of Hyundai vehicles. Our centralized remanufacturing facility in Omaha uses only the best OEM parts for our Hyundai transmissions resulting in an end product that meets or beats the original transmission installed in your vehicle.

So whatever model Hyundai you may drive, a Sonota, Stella, Tiburon, Excel, or XG300/350, Certified Transmission has you covered. Our Hyundai transmission models include the F4A51, A5HF1, A904, A40D, F4A42, and more.